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When to see fertility Specialist ?

Infertility is the inability of a sexually active couple who are not using contraception to get pregnant after trying for one year. In female factor infertility may be due to ovulation problems, disorders of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, uterine anomalies, malformations or chromosomal problems. In the case of man can be sperm abnormalities, either in quantity (oligospermia) or quality (or teratospermia asterospermia as the problem of movement or sperm forms).
Infertility Treatment in Bangalore

What symptoms can make us doubt our fertility?
The main symptom that defines infertility is the absence of pregnancy after one year of trying means having sex 2-3 times a week and without any contraceptive method. Other symptoms that may be present in infertile women are irregular menstrual cycles (less than 25 or more than 35 days), no rule or amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, painful menstruation and a history of previous pelvic surgery, sexually transmitted diseases and other gynecological diseases. If the woman is over 35 years and has spent more than six months of trying without achieving pregnancy, you should consult a specialist .

When to see a fertility Specialist ?
You can visit a fertility specialist if you have the following problems
  • After a year of regular intercourse without contraception.
  • If your periods are irregular
  • If the woman has more than forty years.
But it doesn’t mean that she have any type of problem, but is the beginning to investigate. The studies indicate that 40% man is partly responsible for infertility. "That is the reason also why it is advised that the couple go to the query, and it also undergoes tests at the same time and may save time.
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