Monday, 23 November 2015

Infertility Treatments In Bangalore

What is Infertility ?
Infertility is a situation or a condition that is caused by the reproductive system which prevents from conceiving. Infertility is diagnosed, while a couple attempts to conceive for at least one year without any success.

Infertility Treatment in Bangalore

There are various factors that have a role in the Conception and Pregnancy.
Some of the factors are :

  • Healthy sperm production by man.
  • The production of healthy eggs by the woman.
  • The Fallopian tubes may not be blocked. So that the sperm can reach the egg without any delay.
  • The sperm should have the ability to fertilize the egg while they meet.
  • The fertilized egg or embryo need the ability to get implanted in woman's uterus.
  • The embryo need to have sufficient quality.
  • For the progression of the pregnancy in full term, the embryo need to be healthy and the woman's hormonal changes have to be adequate for its development.

IVF Clinic in Bangalore

If any of these factors are not paried then infertility will be the result..
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